Intellectual Output 3

Output title: Manual for Computational Thinking and Introduction to Coding

Output Type: Learning / teaching / training material – Manual / handbook / guidance material

Description of the intellectual output: The Training Manual on Computational Thinking and Introduction to Coding for Preschool Education has been developed by the EarlyCode Project team in order to guide trainers and lecturers to implement the curriculum, (also an intellectual output of the project), in preschool education programs. This manual is compatible with the previous intellectual outputs of the project which are the curriculum (IO-1) and the handbook of teaching materials (IO-2). In the Training Manual you will find information about some key terms covered in the project such as computational thinking, coding, educational robotics, digital technologies in teacher education, teaching-learning process in preschool education, assessment and instructional material development. In addition, the manual includes information and guidance on how to implement the curriculum (Computational Thinking & Coding for Children) and how to improve computational thinking and coding skills.

Leading Organisation: UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA

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