Curriculum for Preschool Teaching Undergraduates

This curriculum aims to develop the following competencies in Preschool Teaching Students in order to create the technology builders of the future:

  • how to motivate preschool children to learn algorithmic and computational thinking;
  • how to illustrate basic algorithms, sequences, loops, conditionals;
  • how to make the subject of Coding fun and engaging for children;
  • how to teach children to make meaningful collaboration with others;
  • how to develop critical thinking, decision making andproblem solving skills;
  • where to find and how to develop engaging educational robotics (ER) at preschool level;
  • how to apply code-teaching games without using computers;
  • where to find more sources of information.

Educational Resources for Fostering and Developing Computational Thinking and Introduction to Coding

The training resources will target all preschool teaching undergraduates who will teach preschool children all over the world. The training resources will be designed to facilitate transfer of information during the course delivery. It will also provide children the opportunities to get engaged with learning processes more easily. Strong computational thinking skills will contribute to the cognitive development of children.

Manual for the Computational Thinking and Introduction To Coding

The training manual will guide lecturers to implement the developed curriculum. This manual will provide core teaching strategies for computational thinking including pedagogical information and tips about how children learn, their learning motivators, learning style and involvement along with links to relevant educational resources. This resource will be available in each partner country with reference to the relevant National and International resources. It will be designed to allow local updating as required. In addition this manual will be a reference for any preschool teaching professionals to develop academic research, lesson plans, or modules.