Intellectual Output 1

Output title: Curriculum for Preschool Teaching Undergraduates

Output Type: Course / curriculum – Design and development

Description of the intellectual output: Elements of Innovation The curriculum to be developed in this project will address the new needs to train young generation who are able to build preschool computational thinking environment, tools and coding solutions. This will allow them to become creators of content. The curriculum will be first of its kind, since any curricula haven't been developed so far to improve preschool teaching undergraduates' skills to foster computational thinking skills of preschool children. This curriculum aims to develop the following competences in Preschool Teaching Students to raise technology builders of future, when they become teachers : - how to motivate preschool children to learn algorithmic and computational thinking - how to illustrate basic algorithms, sequences, loops, conditionals etc. - how to make Coding subject funny and engaging for children, - how to teach children to make meaningful collaboration with others, - how to develop critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills, - where to find and how to develop engaging (ER) educational robotics at preschool level - how to apply code teaching games without using computers - where to find more information sources, Impact The curriculum will be available for the use of other universities. It can be adaptable to core courses of preschool teacher education departments. Curriculum will be the first example of its kind to be reference to further studies in the field. Transferability Curriculum will be adapted according to national requirements of each partner country. Transferability will be ensured in this way.

Leading Organisation: GAZI UNIVERSITY

Curriculum File: download