Intellectual Output 2

Output title: Educational Resources for Fostering and Developing Computational Thinking and Introduction to Coding

Output Type: Learning / teaching / training material – Toolkit

Description of the intellectual output: Elements of Innovation Ensuring the quality of early childhood education is one of the priorities of European Commission, regarding school education which will serve the purpose of creating a safe environment for each individual in the society beginning from very early years. Future preschool teachers need to be equipped and kept up-to-date in terms of the consequences of physical, emotional and mental changes/differences of children as well as new developing social, political and technological changes in the world. Hereby, this Common Training Resources for Computational Thinking and Coding in Early Childhood Settings, which will be prepared to increase preschool teaching undergraduates' knowledge (related to fostering algorithmic and computational thinking skills and introduce coding logic and practices in the preschool environments) and enhance their practicing skills, will be developed based on national and international standards, principles and needs. Foreseen materials will be carpets or big puzzle pieces where robots (or persons who represent robots) will be moving; drawings and landscapes to illustrate the robots stories; other objects such as various 3D objects, command cards, illustration cards, colorful wooden spatulas for directions, and etc. to populate learning environment. All these additional materials are important to support children-robots interaction, to ignite their creativity, problem solving, decision making and story telling skills. One section of project website will be replicated on "Thingiverse" (That is the most known online portal for Digital Designs for 3D Printed Physical Objects), and on "Instructables" (That is the most clicked online portal for Do-It-Yourself activities) for carpets, big drawings, landscapes and 3D printed objects. All the files to produce these objects will be downloadable. Teaching materials will be supported with linked games. During the project practice, we will develop various educational games which will increase the effectiveness of teaching materials Expected Impact The training resources address all preschool teaching undergraduates who will teach preschool children all over the world. The training resources will be designed to facilitate information transfer during the course delivery. It will also provide children to get engaged with learning processes more easily. Strong computational thinking skills will contribute to cognitive development of children. Transferability The training resources will address specific practices which will show preschool teaching undergraduates to teach preschool children how to understand problems, how to plan the way of solution, how to make decisions and then how to solve problems; how to follow simple sequences and also how to integrate the skills that they gained into the real life situations and facilitate their way of thinking. Because training materials refer to the development of cognitive skills they can be used in any classroom settings regardless of national differences. In addition each partner country will develop adapted materials together with their linked games. So all materials will be used in different game scenarios created during the project practice. This will also increase the transferability potential of the training materials among the partner countries.

Leading Organisation: SCUOLA DI ROBOTICA

Handbook: Download