Five Early Code Panel Discussions

During the five panel discussions, the project aims to disseminate the intellectual outputs IO1 (Curriculum ) IO2 (Training Resources) IO3 (Training Manual) of the project through EARLYCODE PANEL DISCUSSIONS. 30 people in each country will be targetted to engage in the panel discussions - preschool teaching lecturers, preschool teachers, relevant academicians, computer science lecturers, robotics experts, relevant NGO and company representatives. The panels will be hosted by each country from the consortium.

Undergraduates Training

The training activities will create added value by testing out the curriculum, training resources and the manual on preschool teaching undergraduates. The training will consist of an intensive 40 hours (5 days) programme and will be delivered to undergraduates from each partner country (5 undergraduates from each partner country and 10 from Italy). At the end of the training activity, the undergraduates will complete a quality evaluation to gather their feedback on the curriculum. The curriculum will be modified based on the results of this evaluation his pilot process will also present the opportunity to test the applicability and appropriateness of the training in each of the National Contexts. Furthermore, it will demonstrate the validity of the curriculum to the Management of Preschool Teaching programmes in each of the Universities and facilitate discussion on how this curriculum can be integrated into the relevant full time curriculum within the organisations.